Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Most Important Adventure....

I began officially homeschooling about 3 years ago out of necessity, but we were in a weird place then. It really wasn't a choice at the time and we made do with what we had but worksheets given by someone else strictly because she couldn't go to school did Pom no good. This was in the first grade.

Now she is in fourth and Diva is in second. Homeschooling is a choice now. One that I can't imagine not making the more I think about it. I have been asked about it a lot lately and so have thought a lot about it.

We have done SO many different things. We tried everything from traditional teaching methods to Montessori, worksheet based, unschooling, virtual academies and more. We finally found our groove and I am thrilled with the way things are going now. SO are the girls in fact! They love school this way and are learning SO much! They are both ahead of the grade level they should be in and, contrary to stereotypes, VERY well rounded and socially adept.

Socialization is a touchy subject all around and one I was REALLY worried about (thanks to outside pressure) when we began this adventure. Because of that I have done everything I could to ensure they were exposed to socialization. They are in two dance classes each, girl scouts, awanas, 4-H etc. The one thing we don't belong to is a homeschool group or co-op. I don't have time and honestly, I would rather they were exposed to a variety of different ideas and home cultures.

That being said, I am close to one person who homeschools her girls and am quickly realizing how beneficial those relationships are!

My point is, aside from the rambling, socialization should be a factor when making the decision to care for your own kids instead of letting a stranger do it, but it shouldn't be the only one. Why do we care so much that our kids are popular or have a hundred friends. Shouldn't we be more concerned that they are educated and happy? And....

When you begin homeschooling, it may take awhile to find your groove. Every child, every parent, every family and every teaching style is different. Plan, adjust and go with it. You won't get everything done. You'll get the important stuff.

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