Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Challenge, Flours and Yeast

A challenge. I like challenges. I am a person who gets bored very easily. On the one hand, that makes my life very chaotic. On the other hand, my kids are used to change and relish the idea. They are very persistent and adapt well. They especially enjoy being guinea pigs to my ever changing cooking whims.

Who among you, dear readers, gets sucked into StumbleUpon? I feel your pain if you are one of those. I am using the distraction to my advantage. From now on, I will make a minimum of one recipe that I found on Stumble every week. I will post the first of those tomorrow.

In the meantime, I want to say a few words about GF flours and a new lesson learned.

I personally like my flour blend for pretty much everything. It can be substituted straight across for regular flour in nearly everything. I tried a LOT of different blends before deciding on this one, and I like it the best for not only texture, but taste as well. Yesterday I tried a new pancake recipe. My flour thickens to much it turns out. At least in this recipe. I am going to play with it and see what I can do but I want to say, don't necessarily trust just me when it comes to this kind of thing. While I have a lot of experience playing with flours, everyone has different taste buds. If everyone in the world hated bean flours they way my family does, they wouldn't still be sold.

Today I went to the store in order to find an ingredient for dinner. I went to three stores in fact. I will have to special order said ingredient or wait until I go out of town next. While checking the ingredients list on a vast array of products and brands I found something.

Pom and I keep getting mild reactions, though I am VIGILANT with ingredient checking. I had my suspicions that it was yeast. Now, from what I have read, and what my allergist and Pom's dietitian said, yeast is one of those thing that some people with Celiac's or Gluten issue have a problem with while others don't. NOT SO. The ingredients list on one product said: Autolyzed yeast extract (from barley). Um....barley equals a BIG no no but this is one thing that I have been avoiding thinking it was just one of those things that was in addition the gluten response. Not a part of it!

So here's my final word. AVOID autolyzed yeast extract.

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