Homeschool Thoughts

Homeschooling has been a challenge, an adventure and the best decision ever made for my children. They are thriving and we are all happy! People ask me about my decision a lot and I always hear the same the thing:

"Wow, that's a big commitment! I thought about homeschooling but I just couldn't commit to something like that."

It's usually along those lines. I believe that every family needs to make the education decision based on what works for them but I get frustrated by the word "commitment". When we had kids we committed to caring for them and doing what was best for them, didn't we? So if you have thought about homeschooling and "would really like to" then you already MADE the commitment, didn't you? Just my two cents.

We have tried a lot of different curriculum types and I found that I am in love with the literature based unit studies. We are doing The Chronicles of Narnia this year (Further up and Further in) and next year we will do The Little House on the Prairie (A Prairie Primer). There is discussion of possibly collaborating to create a new unit study but that is a long way off.

Why do you homeschool? How do you answer the many criticisms?