Saturday, July 9, 2011

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Gluten Free: To 'diet' or not to 'diet'

I have heard a lot of opinions about whether or not the gluten free 'diet' should be called that.

Many people feel it should not be referred to as a 'diet' since (trust me) you can just as easily gain weight eating nothing but GF brownies and ice cream as you can with wheat filled ones. Chocolate is chocolate after all.

Many others feel it is an appropriate moniker since you tend to eat less processed junk food when you don't eat gluten in it's many forms.

My sister in law is on a gluten free 'diet'. She is not intolerant, she does not have Celiac. She heard that gluten free is a good diet to lose weight and maybe help her allergies.

On the one hand it tends to be frustrating. She does not have a NEED for gf foods so she doesn't pay as close attention. She can cheat, no problem. So when we are at her house she doesn't quite get the severity of our need for it. More than once I have checked ingredients just to be safe and found something that we cannot eat. Her response is generally some form of "oh! I knew it didn't have wheat so I thought it was okay".

Honestly, though, I don't care what they call it. My sister in law did not for the life of her understand our plight when we first started this journey. Actually, her first response was "if you want to be healthier, start running". It took over a year. When she got it, it was because she had heard of the 'diet' helping people with allergies. I don't care how she got there. She pays attention now. She calls me and tells me about restaurants that have gluten free options. Why do they have those options? Because the 'diet' industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Recent studies put obesity at 50% in Colorado ALONE. Most of those people are looking for a way to get thinner and healthier. If a gluten free lifestyle is put in that category, it gives our plight more visibility. Go ahead and call it a 'diet' if that's what it takes for my kids to feel less alone. Please, though, define it, tighten the labeling laws and stay vigilant. But that's another rant.