Monday, July 12, 2010

Adventures Indeed!!

I must begin with an apology to all my readers (all 2 or3 of you). I have not been keeping up my end of the bargain to type in this little box. Let me explain why.

The Diva Monster and her older sister (whom you have yet to meet but isn't nearly as diva-ish...a bit emotional perhaps, but no diva. We shall call her Pom) have been sick. Diva tested positive for strep throat with no symptoms but her sister still has a sore throat, 5 days into the antibiotics.

This all came 2 days after Diva's best friend (whose family is very close to ours) and her baby sister were both diagnosed. So now we have 4 sick little girls ages 2 - 9. Whine is their friend while wine helps me cope.

Pom has been the worst. This child is an intriguing creature. She borders on brilliant (and yes I am biased but really. She's nine and making clay models of molecules) but she screeches like a wild banshee whose head is getting removed by a dull spoon if you even MENTION the word "medicine". Which sucks. For all of us. OF COURSE she would be the one to run fevers of 104 degrees combined with a throat so swollen that she has trouble swallowing spit. Naturally. People wonder why I buy ibuprofen in bulk at Costco. This is why.

She insisted that we stick with our planned camping trip over the weekend. I discussed it with the doctor, who said (basically) "on antibiotics, not contagious...why not?" Let me tell you why not. The child screeched so loudly when it was time for her meds that I think she killed a few fish..and some of the algae that the place was apparently farming. I am certain she killed some of the bugs and maybe made a dog or two deaf. Otherwise she enjoyed herself and didn't make anyone exceptionally miserable. I was almost glad that we could only stay one night though.

1) never take Pom anywhere if she needs medicine.
2) I really do mean ANYWHERE
3) It is an unspoken rule...if she likes it, she never needs it. If she hates it, it's a staple of life.

I promise to introduce you to the screechy one and explain her nickname. I also promise to write in this box more. I thirdly promise to give you recipes (all gluten free) soon. As soon as I remember to take pictures of said recipes.


  1. Too bad that she had to act like that on the trip. I know how lucky I am about being able to give my boys medicine without the fight. My daughter is a pain too though. I can't wait for her to be 12 and I can start giving her adult stuff!

  2. LOL I love that Diva is good with meds but it isn't her that needs them so often of course. Pom does the whole screechy-gag-work myself up so much that I puke thing even with swallowing pills, fizzy things, chewables...every thing. Since she was an itty bitty baby. sigh.